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Star restaurant

Dear guest & dear friend of Kuppelrain,
we are very pleased to welcome you as our guest.

If you suffer from allergies and intolerances, please let us know immediately. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Our 5 courses menu a 125 € / with wines 190 €
Our 6 courses menu a 135 € / with wines 210 €
Our 7 courses menu a 145 € / with wines 230 €
Our 1 Michelin star since 2001 awarded Gourmet Restaurant is open from 7 p.m. in the evenings. Booking required!

If it is true, that good cuisine is an image of the land, then this is certainly true of Kuppelrain.

Our cuisine takes its individuality from the character of the Venosta Valley, the unexpected, the genuine, but mainly also the brave glaze into the distance. Jörg Trafoier's recipes include the unmistakable fragrances of the valley, they combine them into culinary creations and refine them with the longing for countries afar as well as a pinch of risk. Since the very start, our cuisine has focused on high-quality regional nature products. This is also mirrored in our menu with a tempting selection of fresh products during all seasons: the unmistakable Val Venosta asparagus, the flowers of summer combined in an artistic way, lamb from high-alpine pastures, and autumn fruit in wonderful variations. Always prepared with great respect of the individual flavour, which is accompanied and enhanced by selected herbs and pure spices. Genuine and original: Bacon&Sausage&SmokedMeat&Bread – as it is supposed to be. In addition, there are also always the aromas and fragrances of distant countries and the ocean; for brave, surprising compositions with a refined taste. You taste and feel what you eat and touch.

Every season, we gather herbs, flowers, bramble rose, nuts, absinthe and various fruit ripened in the sun, which we process and preserve with joy, following the recipes handed down by our grandmothers and mothers, to propose them to our guests at breakfast.

Or we use our “harvest” to prepare our dishes.
If possible, everything is biological, of course.