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Restaurant KuppelrainRestaurant KuppelrainRestaurant KuppelrainRestaurant KuppelrainRestaurant KuppelrainRestaurant KuppelrainRestaurant Kuppelrain

Restaurant Kuppelrain

Kuppelrain is a little gem located next to the small and charming Castelbello railway station. Guests and friends feel right at home in the Kuppelrain thanks to the hard work and dedication of the long-standing staff.

Coming home?–?enjoyment is the motto!

Great attention is given to food and drink to ensure the menu and wines are the very best. Jörg is everywhere he is needed, even in the kitchen. Sonya has tried her hand at wine making as well as working for the family, the animals and as a sommelier. As they say so beautifully, this will be beginner’s luck, but the wine is a success. The only time it can be drunk is as part of the legendary wine-tasting in the Kuppelrain. Kevin is responsible for the entire kitchen and cooking. Nathalie conjures up the chocolate creations, desserts and everything that is sweet and helps in the service sector. Giulya, the youngest, ‘our little big Italian’, attended both the Italian-speaking kindergarten and primary school, she helps when needed, otherwise she is in charge of cuddling the Kuppelrain animals.

Two dogs live with us, one came from the dogs home, three cockerels, 37 chickens, two rabbits, five lovely cats and two beautiful pitch-black tomcats, which had all previously been homeless.

"The chef’s and the owner Jörg Trafoier’s philosophy can be summarised in a few words: to continuously re-interpret great cuisine, with the best local products and develop creative dishes, while maintaining the pure and uncontaminated taste of the ingredients."

In the constant hope that our guests will appreciate it, as we do, we would like our hotel to be a “place of refuge for the spirit”, where they feel welcome and have the sensation of being able to stay and simply enjoy their well being, with fine food and excellent drinks.

Our liberty style hotel, the Kuppelrain, was already a beautiful hotel with fine cuisine at the turn of the century, during the age of the Hapsburgs, when it was built. Our whole family has been involved in managing the structure since 1988 and it is a job that gives us a great deal of joy.